The Zeus Memorial Fund


Zeus McGoose (2009 - 2019)

Zeus McGoose  a 9 year old westie was surrendered to Westie Central, Inc. in November 2018.

Zeus experienced a lifetime of trauma, abuse and neglect, however his body and spirit asked for a second chance. Tumors, skin infections, hearing damage required multiple surgeries and expensive medical treatments.  Zeus was granted "lifetime resident" status at Westie Central, Inc. due to his need for substantial medical attention and daily physical care. 

Josie and Zeus created an internet community of family and friends on Facebook. This community of friends is committed to helping westies in need. The Zeus Memorial Fund was created by Josie and the Board of Directors to pay the ongoing medical expenses of our lifetime resident westies like Zeus, so they can live out their remaining days within the safe confines of Westie Central under the watchful eye of Josie and her team of medical experts. 

Please consider a donation to the Zeus Memorial Fund via Paypal or mail in your check. Lifetime residents will share their gratitude in Facebook chats as they come to life via voice technology. We will miss Zeus McGoose and his daily rants, chats, and songs about love and life with Josie and the other westie residents. However there are many more westies waiting to follow in his footprints. 

We believe that every dog deserves a second chance, even the most wounded westie will never be turned away.  Your financial gift or ongoing support gives westies like Zeus a second chance and a forever home. Thank you.


We have activated our PAYPAL site for processing donations. Your gifts and financial contributions help us provide care to our rescue dogs and pay our service providers and health care professionals. 

Westie Central, Inc is a non profit 501(c)3 organization and your donation is tax deductible. A receipt will be provided along with a note acknowledging your contribution.


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