MEET The President

Welcome to Westie Central, Inc.

Hello, my name is Josie Myers-Smith and  I want to welcome you to Westie Central, Inc. 

From as early as I can remember, I have been rescuing animals.  Beginning with stray pups to injured turtles, the rescue road now takes me to little white dogs, the "Westies" that we love so much. 

In 2003, a little Westie needed a furever home after being adopted and returned several times. This high energy dog, "Shakti", was more that most could handle, so I adopted her and our love affair changed the course of my life. Shakti was the first member of my private rescue called NY Westie Rescue. In 2012, with the help of my friend Gloria Adelardi-Mueller, we restructured under the name, Westie Rescue of NY.  At the time there was a houseful of Westies in foster care (7 at one point) and several special needs dogs in hospice care.

In the fall of 2012, we created the first online Westie Rescue Auction. I am very proud of the fact that the online auction is now used by rescues agencies and nonprofits around the globe as a primary fundraising tool.

After the death of my husband in 2018, I moved to North Carolina to be close to my sons Kendrick and Brandon, and my five grandchildren Maria, Chance, Giovante, Sunny and Ashton.

In 2019 ,  I incorporated Westie Central, Inc. and we now have a 501 (c) status as a non profit organization. The rescue is currently run from my home by me and two "lifetime residents" Oscar and Bogey. Princess Goldie recently joined us and seems to like bossing us around all day long. If you follow us on Facebook you may already know who they are! Oscar is 14 years old, deaf, has limited vision, severe arthritis and congestive heart disease. Bogey has heart issues, has had a heart attack, a stroke, and experiences ongoing seizures, His medical condition includes irritable bowel syndrome, incontinence and increased confusion. Recently Zeus, my other lifetime resident, passed over the rainbow bridge. He was 9 years old and a victim of severe trauma, neglect and abuse. 

When I am not answering mail, researching funding opportunities, talking to vets, scheduling appointments, meeting with professionals from  other rescue agencies,  giving the dogs baths, medications, or updating Facebook, I enjoy being a chef for family and friends, spending time with my five grandchildren, going to the beach, traveling and on the rare occasion when it is quiet in the house, I love to read.

This journey is one that chose me as much as I have chosen it, and I am so grateful that you are along for the ride. Your incredible friendship, encouragement, resources  and financial support are invaluable contributions to Westie Central, Inc. and I need you. This is a group effort and it takes everyone to accomplish our mission.  You, my friends and supporters, are the heartbeat that keeps our mission alive and gives our precious, precious Westies a second chance - most especially,  they need you!

I am taking a break from rescue activites in order to make a move. Please reach out and contact Westie Central and one of our well trained volunteers will help you. 

I look forward to the days ahead, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

~ Josie



Files coming soon.